Friday, July 8, 2011

Dana White: Wanderlei has nothing to be ashamed of, age gets us all

Saturday night Chris Leben knocked out Wanderlei Silva in 27 seconds, the quickest loss of The Axe Murderer's career. This prompted an outpouring of fan sentiment that the time was right for Wanderlei to retire. The feeling was not fueled from fans tiring of Silva, but rather from a respect for all he has done, and concern for his safety.
UFC President Dana White was among the concerned, saying Wanderlei “may be done."
For his part, Wanderlei wants to keep fighting, twittering “I cried, I thought a lot of shit, and now I’m ashamed and only think in one thing now: I want a rematch."
Fighters Only spoke to Dana White briefly today. The UFC president shows no signs of having reversed his position.

“He has nothing to be ashamed about. He has been an amazing fighter for the last 10 years, people love and respect him. Age gets us all,” he said.

Wanderlei is of course extremely unlikely to get a rematch with Leben. There was no controversy involved in the loss and the main issue rather seems to be whether his chin can stand up to competition these days. He has won just two of his last eight fights and has suffered bad knockouts in four of the six losses.
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