Friday, July 8, 2011

Josh Koscheck wants to move to Middleweight, possibly vs. Leben

Koscheck was asked by his clothing sponsor, Dethrone Royalty, who he was interested in making his comeback fight against. 

“I did ask for my next fight to be nov 19 in san jose at 185 :) ” Koscheck replied via twitter.

After starting his UFC career with a victory over Chris Sanford in the middleweight division, Koscheck immediately dropped to the 170-pound weight class and has remained there ever since.

What may have prompted his relocation was the fact that GSP beat him twice, prompting. UFC president Dana White to say Koscheck was, “in a real bad position in the welterweight division, unless somebody else beats Georges St. Pierre. Georges dominated him twice.”

Fellow AKAer Mike Swick just tweeted, “@JoshKoscheck wants to go to 185lb for 1 special fight. Who can guess who it is? Stay tuned to his twitter for more info.”

Is it possible Koscheck is pushing for a fight with longtime rival Chris Leben?

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