Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nam Phan says Mike Brown is the biggest fight of his career

Nam will next face former world champion Mike Brown come August 6th at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia for UFC 133. Though excited for the opportunity, Phan is not sure how the promotion views him at this point: a prized commodity or a scrub?

“Either they think that ‘Nam Phan, he’s not that bad, let’s throw him up against some big sharks’, or ‘let’s see if we can get him beat, let’s throw him up against some big sharks,” says Nam with an unfiltered laugh.

“The Brown fight, after I broke my foot, I talked to the matchmaker Sean Shelby and he goes, ‘Alright Nam, I’ve got a fight for you,’ and I go ‘Oh, awesome, who is it?’ He says ‘Mike Brown’, and I’m like ‘Mike Brown? Dude, come on! That’s kind of a tough fight. You couldn’t give me a warm-up or something?””

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