Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nate Marquardt and BJ Penn in very bitter twitter quarrel

First, Nate Marquardt got thrown out of the UFC for elevated levels of testosterone.
Then, BJ Penn called for the removal of "PED cancer" from MMA *without mentioning any names)
Then, Marquardt called BJ Penn (along with ) a coward and a bully.
And then ... it was on:
BJ Penn
"I'll show up to your gym to fight if you do a drug test every week for 3 months. Winner Keeps the video. Lmk (:"
Nate Marquardt
"How about I give u my most recent and another one now showing that it's low and I still mop the floor with your midget head?"

BJ Penn
"What a Joke! 1 drug test? lol.. You should be tested every week for 3 months... and then we 'll fight. ... I have no doubt I will beat you if you come in natural like i have been doing my entire career."

Read entire twitter... (BJ Penn)
Read entire twitter... (Nate Marquardt)

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