Friday, August 19, 2011

The Economics Of MMA: How Much Does It Cost To Be A Fighter?

Jonthan Snowden talked with a number of fighters, managers, and assorted MMA industry figures to find out the cost of preparing for a main event contest with an eight week training camp.
Manager/Agent: $25,000
High level coaches (grappling, striking, conditioning): $15,000
Dietitian: $7,500
Travel: $10,000
Housing: $10,000
Additional Training Partners (Five): $3,500
Rental Cars: $2,400
Food for Training Partners: $2,400
Flights for wife and kids to visit once: $1,500
Food: $2,000
Supplements: $1,000
Gear: $100
Rehab Sessions: $600
Massage: $225
Gas: $800
Taxes (18 %): $45,000
Total cost fo training camp: $127,025
Main event purse: $250,000
Take home Pay: $122,975

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