Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thailand's DARE MMA

Watch MMA Live stream online from Bangkom, the original fight capitol of the World, on September 24 where the DARE MMA champions in 8 weightclasses will share a $1.000.000 cash prize.
The Championship has already begun and the winners from DARE 1/11 are already on their way towards the grand bonus.
Joining them will be 14 new fighters, starting their journey towards the Spetember 24th Championship.

All the weightclasses are now open and DARE is looking to expand its events and amount of fighters with more local, regional and international talents.

DareLive.tv will broadcast live MMA action from the .

Lek vs Nuay
DK vs One Shin
The Slayer vs Haja
Ximbica vs The G.O.A.T.
The Professior vs Bodin
Shogun vs Kim

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