Monday, December 12, 2011

Jackson clarifies his comment at UFC 140

Today, Jackson cleared up those comments to MMAJunkie:
"I shouldn't have spoken in that way, but that wasn't my intention," Jackson today told "It sounded bad, but moronic [expletive] comes out of my mouth sometimes."
The intention, he said, wasn't to be political but to remind Jones to conduct himself honorably inside the cage.
"What I was saying was, 'Go check on Lyoto,' what I meant was to remember that you're a public figure," Jackson said. "There's always attention on you and what you're doing all the time, and there's cage etiquette. There's things you're supposed to do, and going and checking on somebody is what you're supposed to do.
"And now because I'm in military mode and in shorthand mode, I say, 'Jon, go check on Lyoto and go get some fans,' and what I should have said was, 'You're a public figure. There's a way to conduct yourself.' But instead, I shorthanded it."

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