Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dana White: We'd add 115-lb div before cruiserweight

When asked if the UFC would soon open up a cruiserweight division as a home for those in-between heavyweights who are too big to drop to 205 pounds, but are undersized compared to those in the division that max out at 265, UFC President Dana White said if anything, the promotion is likely to go just the opposite.
"We have not considered (a cruiserweight division)," White said. "A lot of people ask me about adding another division. If we do add another division anytime soon, it's going to be a lighter one."
That division, White said, would be 115 pounds. Right now, the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial official recognize nine weight classes – eight of which are used in the UFC. Only the super-heavyweight class, which has no upper weight limit, is not a part of the UFC. The Unified Rules do not currently recognize a 115-pound class, which goes by different names depending on promotion, country and gender.

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