Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UFC 148 Burning Question

I'm posting up one of the top 10 burning question for everyone who can possiblity answer it but would have to answer in a professional form way by videoing yourself with the answer or we can do webcam (will be recorded). Contact me at my email: to ask me question regarding the video or anything else. Also you can send the video attach to my email, thanks and I hope yall will watch July 7th for UFC 148, it gonna be a epic battle. 

HERE WE GO with the question:

1. Who Will Win The Most Anticipated Rematch In UFC History?

2. Will Chael Sonnen Finally Win A UFC Championship?

3. Can Tito Ortiz End His Career On Top?

4. Should Anderson Silva retire when he win or lose this saturday?

5. What was your thoughts from UFC 117 when Silva was getting beating up by Sonnen?

6. How much pressure you think Chael Sonnen has? because he talk so much trash and he always back things up.

7. What you think about the rest of the fight card of UFC 148?

8. You think this fight gonna be the same all 5 rounds like the first fight?

9. Which fight you would like to see more, Silva vs Sonnen 2 or Forrest vs Ortiz 3?

10. Do you have any thoughts of how this going down by KO, Sub, Dec. ? (your prediction / picks)

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Question made by Jose Giraldo, memeber of the Blackout MMA

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