Monday, July 23, 2012

UFC President Dana White favorite word is the F@$% word perod!

Canadian journalist Dave Deibert interviewed UFC President Dana White at the XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort in Las Vegas, NV.
Excerpts from the interview appear below.
“F---. F--- is my favourite word, period.”
“Clint Eastwood is the one guy, the only guy, I’d give a s--- that I’d really like to meet, sit down, talk to for 30 minutes. I’d better hurry up if that’s going to happen. I don’t know how much longer Clint’s going to be around.”
“If you see me speak now, and I go out and I speak anywhere, I’ve f------ spoke at every school you can think of. I speak at Bill Gates’ CEO Summit in front of all the top CEOs in the world. Listen, name it and I’ve f------ spoke there and done it. When we first were getting licensed in the state of Nevada, one of the commissioners called me up and asked me a question. I literally, man, I’m telling you, I f------ froze. Froze. I froze to the point they had to get a f------ dolly up there (laughs), wheel me out and take me out of there. Somebody came and got me, sat me down next to Lorenzo, and he goes, ‘What the f---- was that?’ I go, ‘I have no idea, dude.’ ”
“Working out these days makes me feel old.”
“Today we’re at the Wynn. It’s lovely here. It’s one of the nicest, if not the nicest hotel, in Las Vegas and one of the nicest hotels in the country, with all the things that they offer here. I’m here up in this bad-ass bungalow, but this isn’t where I am on Friday and Saturday night. I hang out in low-key places.”
“God, I’d love to tell you something right now. The problem is, I get in these interviews with you guys, I want to say all this s--- I can’t say.”
“That’s a tough one, man. I think if you look at the fact that people still know who the (expletive) PT Barnum is, you’d have to go with PT Barnum as No. 1. Um, I’d probably put Vince No. 2. Vince and Don are both up there in age. Vince is still in there, (expletive) doing his thing, cutting huge major deals. I would put Don King No. 3. Who else did you have? You’d have to put Arum in there, too. You have to put Arum in there. And if I had to be on there, I’d put me last.”
“I wouldn’t say that I really admire anybody. I mean, I’m not like that.”

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