Saturday, July 16, 2011

GSP: Right now, I'm only thinking about Nick Diaz

"He can throw punches, but he's a good mix [as an MMA fighter] too -- a well-rounded guy who's on top of his game right now," St-Pierre said of Diaz on Tuesday, ending his session under Roach's watch as boxing junior-welterweight champion Amir Khan entered the gym for a workout.
Diaz is the only man standing between St-Pierre and his mission to "clean out" the UFC's welterweight division, so he can move on to the MMA fight fans so badly want, between him and middleweight champion Anderson Silva.
"I don't want to have to go up in weight so much, then come back down and hurt my fighting because of it," St-Pierre said. "I'm trying to learn from other people's mistakes. Silva walks around at 225 [pounds] to 230. My biggest is 185-190. So it's a situation where, 'Is it going to be fought at a catch weight?'
"After this [Diaz] fight, I need to reconsider my career, sit and talk with everyone. Right now, I'm only thinking about Nick Diaz."
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by Lance Pugmire

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