Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fertitta promises mega card for UFC debut in NY

If lawmakers are looking for an extra reason to finally get this done, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta recently said the organization wouldn't put on an ordinary event when they're finally allowed to make their Madison Square Garden debut.

"When we come [to New York]," he said, "we're going to blow it out. We're going to put on a ridiculous UFC 100-style card, stacked, big, open to the public weigh-ins, press conferences, after-parties, the whole deal. Everybody will be there. This is going to be an event that will remind you of 1971 when Ali fought Frazier for the first time and every celebrity in New York had to be there.

"The biggest problem that I'm going to have is going to be where to sit everybody and who gets seats and who doesn't. It's going to be crazy."

Think the UFC boss is anxious to finally put on an event in New York or what?

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